YII Framework Development

YII Framework Development – The Fastest, Most Secure Approach to Web 2.0 Applications

In order to provide the best functional options when it comes to creating high level Web 2.0 applications, Letzgro works with YII framework development. The YII project has started in 2008, being one of the newest technologies available in the field of web development.

Its earlier versions were somewhat slower when handling pages that contained a more complex array of features, however, the framework has evolved quite elegantly afterwards, and it is considered today to be one of the best available technologies a developer can opt for when working with projects based on Web 2.0.

Advanced Features and Speed Capabilities

According to YII framework development experts, the framework offers some of the best speed capabilities of all similar types of software. This is mainly because YII only loads the features that you need at a specific moment, making it extremely easy to access and work with even the most complex web applications.

The technology also features powerful caching support, and it is specially designed for efficiently working with Ajax in order to bring a more dynamical functionality and provide far more possibilities than many other frameworks.

Some of the additional features that make YII framework development even more appealing include: the use of a powerful MVC design pattern, integration with Jquery, the automatic generation of complex WDSL specifications, the easy management of Web service request handling, automatic code generation for CRUD applications and much more.

Moreover, the framework also provides some remarkable flexibility options when working with third party code. Not only is the code generated by the YII components in line with XHTML specifications, but for creating a YII application, it is also possible to use code from PEAR or Zend in order to add to the numerous functional aspects that the software already offers.

YII Framework Development – Security and Reliability

When working with powerful web applications that are accessed by thousands of users, you will soon find out that security is extremely important. Our experts in YII framework development know this very well, and are well-versed in applying the numerous security options that the framework provides.

The good news is that security basically comes as a standard with YII. Options such as input validation, the prevention of SQL injection, cookie tampering, cross site request forgery and cross site scripting, as well as the addition of output filtering are all available.

Because we use PMI technology, the code is much better organized and, because of the easy to use error handling and logging features, error messages can easily be dealt with, categorized and filtered, so that the applications are much more reliable and free of any functional issues.

Even though the framework is still new and work is in progress to create further innovations, according to our YII framework developer team, it is quite possibly one of the best types of software one can opt for when working with this type of technology.

Without a doubt, YII framework development has a bright future, and our skilled team members will have a lot to offer in the following years in terms of providing increasingly powerful Web 2.0 applications.