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Ruby on Rails is a Powerful Side of Letzgro Development Team

Today, in order to get web-based company fastest-growing, it should be built in the most efficient way, thats where Ruby on Rails comes in handy. Our Ruby on Rails Development Team is ready for delivering products and services, widening the range of what can be created. We develop internal and external software applications, modifying them to the needed requirements and your likening.
For any business or a project, the first and most important thing is to be differentiated from the others. Be unique, but be authentic. We work with you product and make it to be the most valuable asset, forming your special view into something extraordinary and underlining its relevance. Our Ruby on Rails Team has the ability and space for creating custom software as Rails is a multi-purpose plug-and-play framework. It keeps your project competitive due to its advantages in data collection, width of visualization, and distributive organization.



Oz Nazilli: Efficient in the Use of Their Time

I had the opportunity to work with Letzgro’s Android team while completely rewriting our WagJag mobile app at Torstar Digital. I am happy to say that the team has exceeded my expectations. They are very efficient in the use of their time, and they would have even finished the project early and under budget if it wasn’t for circumstances out of their control. They also have no hesitations in working late to get things done, which is definitely something I appreciated as someone who had a 7 hour time difference with them. In short, I would recommend Letzgro to anyone who’s looking to get some serious coding work done.
Thanks guys.



Caitlin MacGregor: Open for Collaboration

Our partnership with Letzgro was essential to the successful launch of Cream.HR. There was no other scenario that would have enabled us to deliver the new platform the way we did. As a startup company, we had no choice but to move forward with a limited budget, and Letzgro allowed us to move forward and take our business to the next level. The lines of communication were very open and there was a lot of collaboration between our product manager and Letzgro’s product manager in Toronto.


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Eric Rogness: Truly Wonderful Experience

Working with Letzgro has been a truly wonderful experience. I can give a job to them and get back excellent results the first time, with minimal back and forth. Letzgro’s project managers and development teams demonstrate superlative communication and excellent execution and quality assurance throughout projects.




Alexei Dunayev: Quality and Timely

I’ve contracted Letzgro to deliver several important projects and I was impressed with their proactive approach. I found Letzgro developers both professional and skilled, and was very satisfied with their delivery on the technical requirements of the project. I would also like to mark the excellent work of my project manager Roman and his excellent communication skills. I found his detailed status reports useful and timely, and not only did he describe all the work done by his team, but also filled these reports with constructive suggestions to improve the product. His responsibility and devotion gave me confidence in the successful delivery of the project. It was a pleasure working with the Letzgro team and I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in quality and timely delivery of complex technical projects.



Thomas O'Mallley

Thomas O’Malley: Always Top Notch

I identified Letzgro being strong development talent shop at first glance, and their recommendations and guidance on each stage of the development only proved it. Working with Letzgro is a pleasure, I am impressed by their professionalism. The work they do is always top notch. Project managers ensure continuous communication with developers, and their transparency leaves no place for doubt when it comes to the excellence of the work on the project.

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We Are Here to be the Challenge-Oriented Side of Our Collaboration

We communicate with our partners in order to support development and channel integration. Ruby on Rails Development Team provides full application development life cycle support, including specifications, quality assurance and high-level assistance from Senior and Lead Application Development. We also update the documentation specific to the project in support with the development.


Convenient Location, Global Operation

offshore location


Letzgro is located in Portugal and Ukraine, and its project teams are able to travel around the world to meet for your project purposes.

We are responsive over internet…

  • communicating through skype, email, google hangouts or landlines;
  • sharing the document workflow via google drive, dropbox, Atlassian Confluence;
  • maintaining workflow with help of Atlassian JIRA, pivotal tracker or basecamp.

But location still matters in this world. So, we are strategically located to be convenient for clients in Northern America and Europe countries. This gives you much more business time overlap than with some other outsourcing destinations.

Our Day-to-Day Collaboration Together


Our clients have got feeling like we are in the next room – any time they ping us over skype or email, we respond.



Your project manager at Letzgro prepares the feature map document with priorities, budget and time line recommendations.

Tactical and operational (re)planning then happens weekly so that everyone knows the priorities, his scope of work and dependencies.
Planning View. Pane on the left contains epics – functional components. Middle pane contains sprints, ordered chronologically. The right pane contains task details.
Planning View. Pane on the left contains epics - functional components. Middle pane contains sprints, ordered chronologically. The right pane contains task details.


Task Tracking

It is easy. We use project management software (Atlassian JIRA is our corporate choice). Here is the sample view of work progress.
Sprint Work Progress View. We usually split development scope into sprints, each one week long.



Your personal project manager is going to send you a weekly report highlighting statistics useful for both quantitative analysis and having understanding of current situation, issues, blockers, successes and failures (Sometimes issues appear, but our approach is to be transparent about them, identify them as early as possible and fix them).

Besides management generated report, you may enjoy your access to JIRA which gives you a lot of opportunities for tracking the project:
You may track the activity on the project at any time of day, minimizing dependency on other people.
You may track the activity on the project at any time of day, minimizing dependency on other people.


Some other reports that you might be interested in include:

  • Average Age Report. A report showing the average age of unresolved issues for a project or filter.
  • Created vs. Resolved Issues Report. A report showing issues created vs. issues resolved.
  • Pie Chart Report. A report showing the issues for a project or filter as a pie chart.
  • Project Pivot Report. Report displaying a time spent by users over a specified period.
  • Recently Created Issues Report. A report showing the number of issues recently created.
  • Resolution Time Report. A report showing the length of time taken to resolve issues for a project or filter.
  • Single Level Group By Report. This report allows you to display issues grouped by a certain field
  • Time Sheet Report. Report displaying users worked time sheet over specified period.
  • Time Since Issues Report. A report showing time since a chosen field for each issue for a project or saved filter.
  • Time Tracking Report. This report shows the time tracking details for a specific project.
  • User Workload Report. This report shows the details of a user’s current workload, showing the number of unresolved issues assigned and workload remaining on a per project basis.
  • Version Workload Report. This report shows the details of the current workload for the specified version – showing the number of unresolved issues assigned to each user and workload remaining.
  • Workload Pie Chart Report. A report showing the issues for a project or filter as a pie chart.


We invoice monthly on the first day of month, NET15.
We propose various payment methods at your convenience.

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