Mobile Development Services by Letzgro

Letzgro is a Top-level Mobile Development Company

We at Letzgro, Ukraine delivered various projects in many categories and treat every new mobile application with special care.
There’s always a challenge of fitting a lot of features into a very limited surface of a viewport, and we like delivering great result each time.

Our Mobile Development Team Proficient in…

Client-Server Architecture Design

In most cases mobile application doesn’t live on its own – it communicates with application server, and, often, with 3rd party services like maps, authorization and social graph services etc. We are experts in developing client-server architecture: protocols, caching, maximal functionality in offline, stateful approach towards transactions, etc.

Information Workflow Applications

are based on textual and media data input and output. Such applications use all kind of inputs and view pages, and thorough information architecture design is in place for delivering optimal user experience.

Augmented Reality Applications

are used more and more frequently in all categories of apps, both entertainment (games) and decision supporting (productivity, lifestyle).

Game Applications

Gaming industry still grows, and we help our clients get and reinforce their positions in gaming industry by developing games using various 2d and 3d engines.

HTML5 Mobile Applications

In many cases building the application with the help of cross-platform application development frameworks. We use phonegap but are open to use others on customers’ request.

Mobile Friendly Website

Often making an application may not pay off, and designing a mobile friendly website is an excellent solution.

Everywhere you go, everywhere people are using mobile devices to communicate with family and friends, photography and posting photos on social networking, search, restaurant location or view the headlines.

Mobile devices have a variety of shapes and styles. Mobile phones work on different operating systems such as Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone. Some have larger screens, physical keyboards and work in networks 3G, 4G or WiFi. Mobile phones can also be acceleration sensors, location, and even payments. Some of these devices – not even a phone, a tablet with a larger screen and a network connection for data exchange.