Cloud and Mobile Development

Letzgro is experienced in developing web, mobile and combined projects. We use most modern languages, technologies and platforms.


Scalable Client-Server Architecture
Today’s world is multi platform. Your users tend to use their laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

They are expecting the application to work on every of them, and work similarly well. We design the whole client-server architecture including aspects of API, queuing, offline mode and synchronizing, so your users seamlessly experience the excellence.

Responsive Web Applications Development
Web is the easiest entry to your user’s workspace. We make sure that experience is device-agnostic and enables use-cases and goals that fit the context.
Native Mobile Development
iOS and android development using native platforms and programming languages.

Applications Developed Right Way. At Letzgro. For You!

You can’t risk with your time, opportunities, or jeopardize reputation. There’s only one shot each time, and Letzgro is here to serve as your technology partner, from idea sketch to scaling infrastructure to hundreds of servers and dozens of applications that form the horizon of your success.

Need to build a modern web or mobile app?