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iOS // android // php+yiiframework // ruby on rails // HTML 5 // angularJS

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Letzgro for Norwegian Tech Companies

Looking to hire developers or development team for full time, per project or on retainer?

Letzgro has helped Norwegian clients to thrive, and we can help you hire Ukrainian developers, build your offshore center in Ukraine or get your project delivered.

Letzgro Designs Applications with Such Technologies as:

Ruby on Rails
Angular JS

Letzgro software outsourcing company works with an extensive list of technologies, tools and solutions to meet many of existing challenges and foresee the future for you.


Selected Cloud & Mobile Apps Developed by Letzgro

    Our Locations



    Lviv is the place for one of our technology centres to nurture our unique corporate culture and leverage favourable job market conjuncture to concentrate top talented teams for our customers.



    Ivano-Frankivsk has been known for creativity for centuries, since was initially planned to become an innovative regional centre.



    100% Satisfaction
    We use standardized methods of development, code review, continuous integration and testing to provide you with best experience.

    Top Quality
    We guarantee you top quality deliveries designed through industry best standards. We will fix any defects immediately.

    Active Consulting
    Technology is developing very fast, and we actively advise you on newest trends in tech to implement in your product.

    With Letzgro, you are not left alone after product is shipped. We provide maintenance, uptime and stress resistance.

    Test Drive
    Letzgro provide you with one week of work without any financial commitment from you. We are confident you’ll enjoy the experience and hire developers at Letzgro.

    Transparent Risk-Free Payment
    We have designed the range of simple payment plans that fit various cases you might have.

    Prices You’ll Enjoy
    You will enjoy your cost savings while getting world class tech consulting service from us.

    Breakthrough Bonus
    We invest 10% of time into innovations, and deliver it to you for free. As your competitive advantage of tomorrow’s day.