Kohana Development Team at Letzgro

Kohana Development Team at Letzgro

Letzgro, a professional applications development company with diverse expertise and dozens of clients all over the world, can help you with professional web design based on kohana framework.
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Letzgro is managed by Ihor Pidruchny, Ukrainian entrepreneur involved in software development.
Ihor is also involved in few internet startup companies. In long term perspective he is focusing on creating a small boutique incubator accompanied with professional Kohana developers and recruiting agency.

Meet Letzgro

Letzgro is a Kohana development company that first saw the day of light in 2003. Since then, we have grown greatly with the help of our clients and their challenging projects. Thanks to them and their various needs, we have accumulated a great amount of experience in a comprehensive range of web applications. Our ambitions have not dimmed since our first days, and we are ready to take on more and more projects that will push our expertise beyond current boundaries…

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Completed Kohana Based Projects

Letzgro chooses Kohana for robust web applications with maximum requirement to speed and simplicity, yet security:

  1. Photo Models Directory.
  2. Financial Products Aggregator.
  3. Corporate Management System.

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Kohana Development – A Powerful Way of Creating Top Class Web Applications

Kohana development is one of the best choices when it comes to creating top quality components for web applications. Letzgro has been working with this elegant PHP 5 framework for a while now, and we can testify of the numerous quality features and benefits that it can provide.

Kohana is an appropriate choice regardless of whether the website that needs to be built is a project of a higher complexity that has advanced database handling requirements, or simply a low maintenance web application that requires very few resources or components.

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Letzgro’s Strengths You Can Benefit from

Talented Kohana Developers

Ukraine is known for its talented IT specialists. We throughly select best talents into our organization.

Devoted Account Management

Letzgro’s account managers are your agents inside our organization. They are focused on long-term connection and will do everything to protect relations from potential troubles.

Professional Project Management

Project managers at Letzgro exploit top notch methodologies in leading project, communication and managing risks.