Letzgro Engineering Incubator is almost unique: nowadays you may find majority of startup incubators and accelerators, who provide business consultancy and mentorship, product management, legal advice, and networking for business growth, none provides the services of development.

While in many cases the explanation to this is that startup’s software development is intimately internal affair, it is evident that in many cases good business development guys who carry out idea of a technological enterprise have to spend a lot of efforts finding a CTO for their project. They are not always capable of professionally qualifying their future CTO, which adds the risk to the venture. The situation gets even more complicated when it gets to interaction between the business development and software development, where customers feedback and global product strategy has to turn into functional specifications and finally to technical specs so that things get programmed and delivered from the software R&D department.

From a technical standpoint, products have the similar stages and similar features. Quoestions of APIs and system-to-system (s2s) interaction, scaling, division into components are repeated from project to project. Letzgro Engineering Incubator provides you with access to experience, to avoid known mistakes and optimize the lifecycle in the long run, throughout the whole lifecycle of a product.


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