You Run Business + We Develop Product = Together We Succeed!

Letzgro Engineering Incubator

How it works

Letzgro Engineering Incubator will select 5 the most interesting and promising startups. Incubator actually brings up CTOs and provides early stage development services for equity.
What startups get from us: it is hard to find a good CTO. They are either involved on top positions or already working in their own startups. Letzgro engineering incubator brings up the CTOs for you, and, because we are interested in company’s capitalization, our technical professionals work on setting up the right development team for your startup.

What we expect from you

We are looking for talanted people who are deeply passionate about what they are doing. As Letzgro Engineering Incubator has opened only 5 slots to help early startups reach the next level, you have to prove that your idea belongs to the very best ones and that you are really ready for success. For startups that still have to start a unique MVP package will be offered.

Every technological startup consists of two major lifetime functions

    business development: branding, positioning, marketing, sales, organizational management, affiliate management, partners relations etc.


    product development: development project management, wireframing, visual design, architecture design, coding and quality assurance, deployment and maintenance.

How to Enroll with Letzgro Engineering Incubator

    Application. You submit your executive summary, product description or any similar document which describes market, problem, solution, competitors.

    Skype Call. Letzgro considers every application. In case of positive response we invite you for a more detailed conversation over skype, where we tell more about ourselves, learn more about you, and make you acquainted with the development team for your project.

    MVP Development Phase. If we are all set up, Letzgro provides project management, design and development services for equity. CEO has to make commitment of his time and take care of trademark registration, and investment relations, as well as budget for initial marketing activities.

    Marketing Test and Fund Raising. When marketing hypotheses are confirmed by initial traction and Seed Round/Round A raising process gets into its active stage, Letzgro designs the plan for transitioning development team into a dedicated entity for the startup: the team lead of the project becomes CTO.

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