Great Examples of Using IBM Watson in Healthcare

Though AI development rates become higher, people still suffer from problems they’ve been facing during the last century. Robots and chatbots are helpful. But they aren’t life-saving. Of course, these technologies can save your business. But what about the healthcare? Can AI change the treatment? Here are the main achievements of IBM Watson Healthcare. This technology is going to change the way you perceive AI.

IBM Watson uses cognitive computing for analyzing big masses of information. One of the best advantages of Watson is the ability to analyze unstructured data. This machine can take into account evidence, analyze photos, make conclusions. If you want to find out more about Watson, you may read this post.

Watson healthcare is one of IBM Watson’s projects that include using cognitive computing and machine learning. The machine surfaces insights by analyzing masses of data: personal, medical, practical, pharmaceutical, etc. Adapting this innovative technology helps medical institutions function more effectively. Here are the best examples of Watson real-life healthcare applications.

Watson for Oncology

Collaborating with New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, IBM Watson healthcare is creating powerful resources for improving the patient care. Watson decreases the time doctors usually spend on making a treatment decision by providing doctors individualized treatment options based on the analysis of latest research, clinical practices, trials, and evidence.

At first, IBM Watson was trained to treat breast and lung cancers. As Watson learns from its own experience, improving the accuracy and making more confident treatment decisions, this machine can now offer treatment for solid and blood cancers: prostate, ovarian, pancreas, liver, kidney, uterine, bladder, colon, cervical, etc.

Get detailed information about real-life examples of using IBM Watson in healthcare.

Such renowned cancer expertise provides every patient with the access to the best treatment decision possible. Despite the doctors’ experience and the time one spends reading about the latest oncology news, every doctor can make the treatment more nuanced and effective. Matching patients to clinical trials, transforming researches, and taking the healthcare to the next level, IBM Watson in healthcare creates possibilities for patients to get cured faster.

Watson for oncology is used in clinics in New York, Bangkok, and India. The American Cancer Society is also going to use IBM Watson health advisor. One of the best advantages of Watson Health is the possibility to keep the information and use it effectively to provide the best practice recommendations. This is definitely life-saving.

The goal of Watson’s future is to tackle all cancer challenges. This may change the healthcare drastically. The system is already working on it in different spheres. Watson for Genomics is training in genomic analytics. There is Watson for Clinical Trial Matching and Watson Discovery Advisor. The effective Watson work will be the best assistance for physicians, as it provides them with more time for patients treatment and decreases the time they spend trying to keep up with all the medical literature news.

IBM Watson and Medtronic

Have you known that there are 387 million people with diabetes? According to the statistics provided by experts, these numbers can grow by 50% during the next twenty years. In order to change this situation and provide coaching for people with diabetes, IBM Watson in partnership with Medtronic created a cognitive app. This healthcare app is used for easier diabetes management.

In this case, IBM Watson is useful for the same reason why it’s used almost everywhere: the ability to read and analyze vast amounts of information. Watson takes into account everything needed: medical records, health data, insurance claims. The app collects real-time data, uses contextual information, and analyzes it. As Medtronic representatives claim, pattern recognition analytics can prevent a dangerous health event. For example, if a person is notified about the low blood sugar in 3 hours before the onset, it can save one’s life.

Get detailed information about real-life examples of using IBM Watson in healthcare.

Collaboration of IBM with Apple

If you want to be more productive, you should pay attention to your sleep habits. Their effects on your health, energy, and productivity are significant. However, it may be difficult for a person to determine one’s sleep quality. That’s the task for such powerful apps as the SleepHealth.

SleepHealth is the healthcare product of the collaboration of IBM Watson Health and Apple. The app is created on ResearchKit, the open source framework. Using the information from the accelerometer, heart rate monitor, and gyroscope, Apple Watch records the information about your sleep, movements, shifting position, etc. This study can advance your high-quality sleep practices, improve your health, and even predict the risk of some medical conditions.

Get detailed information about real-life examples of using IBM Watson in healthcare.

Another great example of IBM Watson healthcare projects is the partnership with Johnson & Johnson. Its main goal is to use data analysis for developing new effective solutions in patient care. Watson’s cognitive computing must help patients get prepared for surgeries.

Under Armour is a new fitness app that has a bunch of interesting features. Using a standard wrist tracker, and/or tracking hardware, users can now manage their health and fitness on a professional level. The best features of this healthcare app are as following:

  1. Access to the largest health & fitness community.
  2. Food consumption tracking.
  3. Nutrition management.
  4. Food visual recognition.
  5. Training recommendations based on weather, environment, and personal data.

Users can already enjoy using the Under Armour. However, some of the previously mentioned features are still under development. The best thing about this app is its area of use. Using IBM Watson cognitive skills, the app analyzes different spheres: nutrition, fitness, sleep, mental and general health. Now you’ve got a bunch of apps on your phone: one for calories counting, one for sleep management, one for steps management, and one for fitness. With Under Armour, you’ve got them all in one app. Moreover, you can rate your mental health, get recommendations for achieving a certain goal, and optimize your training.

Get detailed information about real-life examples of using IBM Watson in healthcare.

The achievements of IBM Watson in healthcare are impressive. Сognitive computing and machine learning are used for enhancing the work of physicians and researchers. Moreover, Watson’s cognitive skills are used for improving the treatment decisions.

Watson for Oncology, Medtronic, and UnderArmour are good examples of healthcare projects that use cognitive computing for making our lives better. You can also benefit from such features. Machine learning is one of our core businesses. Ready to show you the main benefits your business may get with cognitive computing and machine learning.

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