How To Take Your Outsourcing Away from Russia?

Main aspects on how to shift projects

Why We Suggest You to Shift Your Project Away from Russia

This is the time when the whole world starts to realize that Russian political vector is unpredictable and worrying. Unfortunately, with the global sanctions they get, working with Russian companies may imply additional threats to your business or unstable working processes.
Ukraine is one of the European leading countries in Technology and continue to work in our ordinary course. We are not dependent on Russia for resources, as we always had our own ones. The IT services industry had a huge increase in last decade, and keeps its rank as fifth globally being an international powerhouse for IT outsourcing by growing 25% each year. As for now, many U.S. and European companies outsource technology work to Ukraine. Many of them already shifted their projects to our country due to better terms of colaboration, our professional approach and rapid growth of IT field in general. Ukrainian specialists have MS or PhD degrees in applied mathematics or physics. Our works always getting proven worldwide as efficient solutions and collaboration with Ukrainian companies had always been the best example of partnership and business outsource.

For those who already outsource to Russia, we want to underline the benefits of moving to Ukraine:

  • Highly skilled IT specialists and mature IT Market
  • Low cost for offshore software development, attractive prices and fees
  • Our companies comply with international standards as ITIL
  • Collaborative approach
  • 11th place among 20 leading countries in the field of IT Outsourcing
  • Growth of IT Market on 20-25 % every year
  • European mentality, no language issues
  • Close location to Western Europe
  • Legislation that allows to implement new interesting business ideas

We are here and we will always remain close to each other. What makes this distance even closer is not only modern convenience in communication, but civilized principles that always have been the main side for Ukrainian approach.

How To Proceed with Outsourcing In Ukraine

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