E-commerce Development Company

E-commerce Development Company

Letzgro delivers one of the best web store software solutions available on the market today. E-commerce interface we do is designed to benefit both you and your customers, who prefer buying products online.
Your website design is the first thing your clients notice while visiting it, that’s why we have included advanced design & layout options that will help you to improve your store look while making it easy to surf and find necessary products or services.
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Letzgro is managed by Ihor Pidruchny, Ukrainian entrepreneur involved in software development.
Ihor is also involved in few internet startup companies. In long term perspective he is focusing on creating a small boutique incubator accompanied with professional e-commerce website development company and recruiting agency.

Letzgro E-commerce WebSite Development Management Consulting

When your business starts to grow – you no longer have one project manager responsible for bunch of projects and everything else around it, but a team of project managers leading multiple development teams and managing critical project portfolios.
That’s the right time you start organizing project management office in your organization, which will not just ensure that your projects are running smoothly, but also brings more value to your business overall.
E-commerce clients need project management consulting because of its’ continuous nature.

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Letzgro E-commerce Vision

To deliver the best e-commerce website development services we can our development team considers e-commerce projects as a structure:

  1. Landing pages creation tool
  2. Catalog
  3. Checkout
  4. Delivery and payment configuration
  5. Friendly URL ad-hoc module
  6. Profile
  7. Orders history
  8. Referral system and user’s personal
  9. Landing page
  10. Social login
  11. Corporate backend

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Letzgro E-commerce Web Developers Helps You to Grow

Every time Ecommerce started it takes labor, capital, space, equipment and complicated information systems to have a Warehouse. Unfortunately, most companies cannot avoid this expense all-together; but the Warehouse plays a really important role in the supply chain. Namely, The Warehouse is a strategic response to Supply & Demand, Transportation Costs, and Value-Added Processing. No matter what complexity your project will be. Our team will solve the project goals, optimize your spending and save your time.

Letzgro’s Strengths You Can Benefit from

Talented Developers

Ukraine is known for its talented IT and E-commerce web builders. We throughly select best talents into our organization.

Devoted Account Management

Letzgro’s account managers are your agents inside our organization. They are focused on long-term connection and will do everything to protect relations from potential troubles.

Professional Project Management

Project managers at Letzgro exploit top notch methodologies in leading project, communication and managing risks.