Cost of Learning

Cost of Learning is on a mission – to enable families to make well-informed financial decisions about the true cost of college. We are bringing actionable, clear, and simple information to what is currently a challenging and stressful process for many families.

College is too expensive and the financial aid system is too complex for most of us to easily navigate. We are making it easy for families to determine their true net cost of college and very importantly, compare those prices across a range of colleges. With this information, families can make better choices determining which college is best suited – and most affordable – for them. Until now, this has been nearly impossible to do.

We designed this website to be easy-to-use and stress-free. Our website is entirely free, no registration, no passwords, and most importantly, it does not require any personal financial information to be shared.

The key piece of information we provide is the net cost of college. This is the college’s cost of attendance less any grant and scholarships awarded by the college. (Loans and work/study are not subtracted from the cost of attendance for this calculation.) When determining your true cost of any college, this is the most important single number on which to focus and to use to compare to other colleges you may be considering.

Where do we get this information? We obtain data from two sources and then we provide a layer of proprietary data analysis and modeling to ensure we have the most accurate and comparable information available. The two sources are:

  1. The National Center for Education Statistics (part of the Department of Education)
  2.  The net price calculators that colleges provide on their websites.


Jimmy Becker, CEO & Co-Founder

Jimmy has a passion for helping families navigate the complexities of the college financial process. He has taught financial literacy and financial aid workshops to high school and college students at Lesley College, University of Massachusetts, Harvard University’s Crimson Summer Academy, and other schools. From his own personal experience sending two daughters to college and the experiences of families he has advised on the financial aid process, Jimmy recognized the challenges in our financial aid system and set out to develop a more informed and simplified way for families to make college selection decisions. brings clarity to this overwhelming process and helps families understand the true cost of their college education.

In addition to his financial literacy background, Jimmy brings a deep understanding of technology and the information industry and how to apply them to enhance our lives.

Jimmy earned an undergraduate degree in Economics from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Ihor Pidruchny, CTO & Co-Founder

Ihor leads the product development team at

He is a serial entrepreneur involved in software development. He is the founder of Letzgro, a company focused on developing web and mobile applications.

Ihor also leads the Letzgro Engineering Incubator which helps business-oriented founders build technical teams and workflow combining technical advisors in Silicon Valley and development teams in Eastern Europe.