Social Network, YII Framework Based, Developed by Letzgro

Social Network, YII Framework Based, Developed by Letzgro


  • Technology: PHP, Yii Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, varnish cache, Memcached, sphinx
  • Methodology: agile/scrum
  • Industry: LIfestyle
  • Client type: US-based Web Agency

Social Network Development

Letzgro has recently ended its participation in developing a social network with a New York City based Software Development Agency. The project lasted for 5 months with front end and back end teams working hard to build the solution, component by component, page by page.

Optimizing Frontend Development with Twitter Bootstrap

Front End was built using Twitter Bootstrap, which optimized the development costs by using Twitter Bootstrap’s custom components and its responsive grid. Therefore, time was cut for making the social network mobile-friendly.

Two Levels of Caching with Varnish and Memcached

Varnish was used to cache the pages served to users. Using Memcached as level 2 caching mechanism let us significantly reduce the load on the database, where MySQL was used.

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