My Trip to Toronto-Waterloo-Kitchener-Vaughan

It has been a week since I came to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I had the opportunity to see how major Toronto’s incubators and coworking centres operate.

On Monday, I visited Comunitech, Kitchener’s, Ontario, a centre with 100% concentration of technical companies and Hyperdrive accelerator.

Hyperdrive hosts dozens of startup companies, while the Communitech also is a place where big companies have their offices. I believe Google is the anchor one.

Meeting, Letzgro’s Respected Customer

I arrived at Hyperdrive to meet our customer,

We help to onboard their first in-house developer  and plan to further provide consultancy about how to build the most efficient development process with a balance of in-house and contracted resources (Letzgro).

Waterloo Accelerator Centre

On Wednesday, I visited Waterloo Accelerator Centre, which provides companies rent, mentoring and advisory services. Accelerator Centre was possible due to great support from the university, BlackBerry, which has offices at Waterloo and inspiring the local community for the pursuit of success, and government. And, an undoubtedly professional team of people who established and run the accelerator.

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