Entreneurship is About Spirit!

Recently it is my impression that the average level of startups in Ukraine, as well as their quantity, is way lower than what VC can support.

The problem can be attacked from various angles: they try to build the techno parks – cool districts of office buildings where universities, labs, IT companies and supporting infrastructure will co-exist; there are grant funds emerging which do not require any equity.

In the end, incubators and accelerators, as well as VC funds, are searching for fish in a pond where there’s no fish, and the task is more in creating a supporting entrepreneurial environment, where people will get infected by entrepreneurial spirit, will see point in innovating, and in doing something that is new and risky; gathering those people together and provide them mentorship, support and guidance.

Is there a simple solution for it. No doubt! Way less expensive than building a techno district… Invest in invisible infrastructure: lean coffees, hackathons, startup events, master classes etc. Most out of the enumerated require very little office space, capital investments etc. Just some big desire and passion, good planning, and content that is already available and easily accessible.

Would I like to participate in the movement? Yes!

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