Blockchain, ICO and Smart Contracts Design


ANN! Blockchain has been our passion for a while and we have designed Applicature, the separate brand for our blockchain related business.
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Blockchain, Smart Contract, ICO

People used to consider blockchain as a web-based platform for safe and secure bitcoin transactions. However, the capabilities of this powerful platform go far beyond displaying current bitcoin balance of the users and providing detailed information on the cryptocurrency deals for all time. Blockchain enables sophisticated actions with cryptocurrencies, simplifies the process of making and verifying transactions, saves money, and prevents fraud. This is just a small part of blockchain advantages to benefit from. Discover the variety of tremendous opportunities offered by this top-notch technology to boost profits together with Letzgro team.

Some of the most popular blockchain-based tools explained:

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are the programs that encourage and execute the purchasing agreement between the sides of sales, by means of blockchain technology, are called smart contracts. These contracts are also defined as digital or self-executing, as their workflow is predefined by the block of code. Mainly, their main goal lies in enabling two parties to trade and carry on business on the Internet without a third party, in most cases anonymously. Smart contracts were meant to become alternatives for legal ones.

ICO – Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering is a modern fundraising tool that allows selling tokens for nascent cryptocurrencies. It’s widely used by startup companies as a mean of raising capital for the development and attracting investors. As a rule, ICO campaign is started before the release of a product or a company launch. In such a way, savvy investors tie up money into new cryptocurrency in the hope of making fortune on its success.

We provide services of:

  • Design and development of custom blockchain solutions
  • Smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrency exchange systems
  • Cryptocurrency trading bots
  • ICO campaigns
  • High-frequency computer algorithms
  • Token design and development
  • Third party API’s integration
  • Trading platform connectors development
  • …and much more.

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