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Just like in science, architecture is a hypothetical deductive experimentation.You use your thinking to analyze and suggest and build up a conceptual framework. It takes a high level of commitment. New methods and materials are revolutionizing the building process, improved CAD technology means architects can focus more time on design, and more and more clients are keen to get adventurous with their buildings and spaces.
We are here to make this process easier for your convenience, creativity, imagination and professionalism.


Advanced sorting and filtering!

Powerful, intuitive filtering allows quick access to relevant data. Sort data by clicking on column headers, or create custom secondary definition for unlimited combinations. Save custom filters for future use.


Contact Management.

Import/add unlimited contacts and store pre qualification data, union status, insurance, license,construction permits etc. Collaborate extensively with potential clients to define and clarify timeframes, requirements, and expectations.



We know how important it is to keep all past data and projects so you can easily store it in one place.


QuickBooks compatible.

Create invoices, send it directly to you customer or subcontractor.


Widescreen online plan room.

Fast and efficient viewing. Easily drag and drop plans&specs directly into your private plan room. Print and download. Share comments and reviews instantly. Discuss your Blueprints and creative ideas in real time. Arrange professional meetings with staff.


Become a Market Leader.

Raise your company’s exposure to the highest level by ensuring that your brand is prominently displayed in front of the right audience, at the right time, every day.


Bid invitation.

Expand your private vendor list and ensure you get the most for you current and upcoming projects. Easy to use communication via email or fax. Customize the priority of each of your bids. Set up reminders. Maintain building construction consulting.


Track Bid Responses.

Track participants’ responses easily. Make calls or send follow-up emails.


Document of Activity Log.

Track participants’ responses easily. Make calls or send follow-up emails.


Ok, so we mostly use AutoCad for drafting, SketchUP, Photoshop and Revit platforms as well. What 3 dimensional problem solving options you owe?

Document of Activity Log.

Architects communicate through their drawings so we can make it possible to transfer your pictures, plans or drafts to the platforms listed above or other programs that providing API. All these things collectively allow you to make informed and qualified design decisions.

Can I use it on my smartphone?

Absolutely! Nowadays, this is not a phone that does stuff, it is a computer that makes phone calls. We can provide mobile version for you, including apps and cloud service.


Letzgro Designs Applications with Such Technologies as:

Ruby on Rails
Angular JS

Letzgro software outsourcing company works with extensive list of technologies, tools and solutions to meet many of existing challenges and foresee the future for you.

Letzgro is a unique company that takes the care to go the extra mile to build a rock-solid foundation to the process. We are specializing in professional software that can help you save time and promote your efficiency. Let our expert team walk you through the technology process and embrace a new learning curve that can bring you into a new league of leadership, self-sufficiency and success.

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