Location Advantages


Letzgro is located in Portugal and Ukraine, and a project team allocated to you is able to travel around the world to meet for your project purposes.

We are, naturally, responsive over internet…

  • communicating through skype, email, google hangouts or landlines;
  • sharing the document workflow via google drive, dropbox, Atlassian Confluence;
  • maintaining workflow with help of Atlassian JIRA, pivotal tracker or basecamp.

But location still matters in this world. So, we are strategically located to be convenient for clients in North American and European countries. This gives you much more business time overlap than with other outsourcing destinations.

Why Portugal?

Portugal is ranks 31st among 189 economics in the Doing Business rating and is considered a country with an auspicious climate for setting up business. Its location in South-Western Europe makes Portugal quite easy-connected as with European countries as with countries of North America.

 Why Ukraine?

  • Talented & highly-skilled IT specialists are a trade mark of Eastern Europe. More than 16,000 IT specialists with bachelor degree & about 14,000 with master degree graduate from Ukrainian universities each year. High level of education enables programmers to tackle technically complicated problems easily. Plus, most of young and middle-aged people have good command of English.
  • Favourable prices due to favourable Eastern European location
  • Easy accessibility of the nearshore: it takes only 3-4 hours to get to Ukraine by air from most of the EU capitals
  • Convenient time zone GMT+2: only 1-2 hrs of difference with Europe allow us to work simultaneously with you. 7-9 hrs of difference with USA let us work while you sleep, it means you will always see everything done first thing in the morning
  • Similar culture with Europe & North America, unlike Asia
  • Major software companies are already outsourcing here. In 2011 the volume of IT outsourcing and software development services provided in Ukraine reached US$ 1.1 billion. Top outsourcing companies have already appreciated all the benefits of outsourcing in Ukraine. Top clients of Ukrainian software developers include: Motorola, Microsoft, TDK, Skype, Deutsche Bank, UBS Bank, Apple Inc., BOSCH, eBay, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Cisco Systems etc