Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Role Description

Applicants should be capable of writing clean and secure code, have a passion for incremental improvement of code, be familiar with Agile development techniques, be extremely practical and open to learning. The best candidate should have good self-management skills, keep control of time and the overall project status.


  • Strong technical and web development background.
  • Strong Ruby skills, experience in Ruby on Rails (not required if candidate is already familiar with other Ruby or Python frameworks such as Merb or Django).
  • Experience with RDBMS and Unix-like operating systems.
  • Experience with web technologies, especially HTML/CSS, Javascript. Experience in jQuery is a big plus.
  • Understanding of OOP principles, design patterns, best development practices.
  • Understanding of different scalability techniques including caching, is a plus.
  • Practical experience in test-driven development and agile projects is a plus.
  • Strong technical English.

Projects Description

Social networks
E-commerce solutions
Full-cycle management and B2C/B2B systems
Multi-platform applications


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