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Ruby on Rails Team

ruby-on-rails-teamOur Ruby on Rails Team brings their best ideas and solutions to the table. Yes, what we develop and work on is always robust, scalable and secure. Keeping step with time gives us the feel to create and improve any projects in the most relevant way. We will showcase our productivity results in a web-scale applications that we have already built before and within the actual ongoing projects.

There is no philosophy behind it, just hive minds driven by monumental tendencies and the possibilities that Ruby on Rails can give.

So, as easy as it is. If You need a successful application and outstanding project in general – we operate the best and easily configurable modern language, that nowadays gains traction with developers more and more.

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Clean workflow for developer, keeps everything else in the right place!

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that’s optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. Written in Ruby, Rails lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. The result is a web framework that allows you to make transition from idea to implementation in a very short period of time.

Ihor voloshyn Ruby on Rails Developer

With lots of projects being done, I stick with Ruby on Rails permanently

Being a website developer for many years, I had experience with various technologies including Ruby on Rails which I like the most for its flexibility and unlimited space for work. I do a variety of tasks, and by the difference of complexity and type I solve them promptly, efficiently and responsibly.

Julian Ambroziak Ruby on Rails Developer

Versatility throughout all, don’t want to compare with anything else!

It’s a clean software engineering, you may see it yourself, and here comes the question – why not Java? – And Java, despite the fact it is powerful, shows itself at work as too cumbersome. Ruby on Rails the most optimal concepts, that are applicable to every project through the process and vice versa.

Roman Derevianko Ruby on Rails Developer

It’s clear how the project should be done and how it should look like

There is no need to repeat the code, you just reuse it. What i like about Ruby on Rails is a clean separation of the code pieces via Model-View-Controller model, like simple puzzles on the table. And also Convention over Configuration, splitting the needed actions in order to start right away – really the way to go.

Ruslan Tabachuk Ruby on Rails Developer

It’s a great potential for stable cooperation and clear understanding between developers and idea-mongers!

You know how they say that Ruby somehow enables programmers in a special kind of way. Well, it does. It is handy and allows freedom in developing, and for you as an owner of the project – it gives the ability for realization of any ideas, moreover, it opens space for innovations and possibility of further rethinking. But this is the level that achieves by many years of programming and good understanding of it, this is the tool for people who know to use its key features the right way – thats the level our Letzgro Team works on.
Mykhailo Grabovskyi Ruby on Rails Developer


Always have been looking for the technology that steps in foot with nowadays demands. And Rails is just that.

Somehow Ruby on Rails gives an inspiration in ordinary tasks, there are always elegant solutions comming on every level. It is suitable for both state-of-the-art public websites and oriented serious projects of any complexity. And what is also very important nowadays, Rails is affordable in creating and maintaining any projects. With Ruby on Rails we meet you on a half way, and moreover, help you with completing tasks that might get you stuck or keep you in the way of achieving next levels in what you do.

Vitaliy Koziy Ruby on Rails Developer