Main Principles and Priorities

Team Play and Personal Responsibility

Letzgro is known for team play. You’ll find yourself working in highly supportive environment. In all cases the team will listen to your thoughts and ideas, we share troubles and solve issues as a group. Having this co-creation process, we ensure that:

  • Everyone who may be connected to the topic is informed.
  • Team members know what is happening around and may help.
  • We have enough discussions to discover ideas and thoughts on the topic from different angles.
  • People around understand the reasons and motivations behind the decisions and actions.

Personal responsibility means:

  • You are the very first person that cares about things.
  • When you see a problem you bring it up and initiate process of solving it, rather than just passing on.
  • Nobody is assigned to control your work or personality, only assist; you are responsible for your result and result of your team.
  • You need to help of you can help.

Freedom Married with Consciousness

We have flexible working hours, and in cases of exceptional success we provide opportunity of working distantly – grab your bag and go to Venice, Los Angeles or Phuket! However this freedom only goes with liability to be in time with deadlines, get to all the calls with client, be great in self-organization and serve as example to peers.

Social Recognition through

We use, through which Letzgro members get recognized for their daily successes and great actions.

It is important for us to find small good things in people and pay attention to them.

English Language

English is one of cornerstones for your personal success!

We host English lessons sponsored by company, and we ask that you master your English in all accessible ways. We use it in our documentation, most of emails, in conversations with clients.

Democratic Environment

Everyone at Letzgro is accessible regardless of position taken. Everyone does their own job, and everyone can point at good things or at room for improvement at anybody else’s activities.

We often gather in the working groups to achieve some organizational result quickly, and we welcome broad discussion on the way.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Letzgro Engineering Incubator is where we initiate and build apps we believe to become great through our efforts.

Participation in the Incubator requires prior personal achievements and great reputation among Letzgro members. It is discussed individually when either you have got the idea or when we are setting up a venture that fits your interests and capabilities.

Be ready to travel to participate in acceleration programs or for short term trips. Please have your foreign passport arranged in advance. Sometimes opportunities come with short notice!

Socionics in Action is a psychometrics tool developed by Letzgro from decades of socionics research and its application in corporate environments. It helps you detect individuals’ unique sociotypes and then determine how to combine them in order to improve your team’s chemistry. Using psychometric data derived from the information you input, the app quantifies that chemistry, assesses the current level of team compatibility, and provides suggestions for increasing compatibility.

Team members’ ability to understand each other, act quickly and stay flexible is of utmost importance on a project. A team that has those capacities is able to take decisive action when needed, reach agreements quickly and act in a coordinated fashion, which allows it to meet key performance indicators and project goals.