International Digital Project Manager


IDPM Role is designated to nurture and grow relations between our client’s headquarters and technology department within Letzgro.
The headquarters is located in Boston, MA. It is digital agency servicing big brands.

Ideal Candidate Profile


  • Open heart; knows how to care for the client and their projects in balance with the needs of the own team. None is more important, candidate knows how to maintain this essential balance for a valuable and lasting relationship.
  • Able to act with sense of security and focus. Once convinced of purpose one can find ways to reach focus and is not afraid of others opinions or critics.
  • Able to influence clients through the correct tone of voice and honest speach. Able to say ‘No’ with a smile when a client just asks too much from the team.
  • Natural interest in people; understands that the connection to the people on client side are the foundation of success. Understanding and connection will create the space for misunderstanding and errors to be overcome.
  • Open for opportunities; sees life full of chances and threats. Is open for the opinion and advice of colleagues to validate own perspective of situations.
  • Is interested in personal development, is actively participating in sports, inner reflection and health.

Professional background

  • 3+ years of experience in project management or account management with foreign clients;
  • Need to have at least 3 foreign references that can be checked
  • Ability to analyze clients challenges, processes, markets
  • Risk analysis and mitigation skills
  • Upselling track record
  • Experience in traveling abroad
  • Able to manage own time and budget
  • Enjoys the travels and challenge to use time effectively
  • Presentation skills
  • Correct speech, not afraid to speak
  • Ability to listen and reflect to counterparts
  • Loves to work on own but respects team members as essential to making it all happen
  • Goal orientated, but knows when to report. Will always be one step ahead of client and manage client’s expectations.
  • Like the challenge to optimize the usage of little means.
  • Loves to grow team members by uplifting them, respects all as equal.
  • Fluent English; written, speech

Technical skills

  • Affinity with mobile and web apps and services
  • Understands wordpress technology and able to use it, even to develop further skills on it as it is one of the main focuses of the client.
  • Can work with clients through
  • Shared documents, cooperation
  • Online meetings such as
  • Available through IM’s (Slack, Skype)


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