CEO’s Word to You

Ihor Pidruchny - CEO of Letzgro

Ihor Pidruchny – CEO of Letzgro

Dear Professional!


Letzgro started from small. We were couple of people at first, and we did not hire the top professionals on job market in our early days. We were made of people that had good bright engineering mind and, what is most important, enormous natural desire for self-development, learning new things and fighting new challenges.

I started my career as a developer, in 2003, with C and Win32API, C++, C#, then PHP and MVC frameworks. Then I switched to management, but still love to take a look at the code, participate in architecture design, wireframing, and code review.
I know what it is like to sit on debugger for hours and days, reverse-engineer the raw database files with no-documentation trying to hack its format, and so on. Developer’s work is hard and often challenging. And also it provides unbound opportunities to all of us.

Letzgro is not just a revenue-generating business, it is something that takes my life time, and life time of my team, whom I value a lot. The company is designed to give something essential and existentially meaningful to all members: recognition by the team and clients; satisfaction from results achieved; wealth and balance; feeling that you are in your natural spot in the time and place.

My plan for the upcoming 5 years is to bring up a generation of self-organized highly-motivated professionals of CTO level, who can develop a small application and turn it into a world class level highly scalable solution.
Let it be too pathetic, but it doesn’t make sense to remain a usual developer for all the life coding simple websites. Finally, I believe that we can build the real small Silicon Valleys in our home towns and contribute to life style of our region if we create successful technologies for global companies…

We at Letzgro are looking to work with those who cannot stop and learn something new every day, organize themselves and contribute to world around us, and those whose values include devotion, care for details and lack of tolerance, when we speak about quality.

In this case you are our brother, and you will get all our care and attention. Letzgro will help you grow further.
We will survive various project challenges together and become smarter and stronger.