Your Career and Success at Letzgro!

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Benefits you’ll really Feel

Work in a friendly adaptive environment featuring:

No Bosses; Self-Organized Teams

You’ll experience flat organization structure with a lot of freedom and flexibility. We believe you are mature and competent enough to manage your own time, your needs, and solve problem with the people who are able to help, directly.

You’ll have no barriers, and if you happen to do — you’ll let us know about it and it will get fixed.

Comfortable Office

Located near the city center (close to McDonalds on Chornovola Ave). In our office, you’ll be able to grab a table to work, enjoy the lounge room, and 2 conference rooms which you can also use to stay alone and be focused.

Bike-friendly. If you are biking, there will be a place to leave your bike inside the office.

Lunches and snacks. Occasionally we experiment with lunches, snacks or seasonal fruits.

Coffee’s on us. 😉

Grow as a Pro

Seminars are covered. There’s a lot of seminars around, and you’ll get full support to attend them, starting with payment for the seminar, paid day-off to attend it, and concierge help with your accommodation.
Free English lessons.

And enjoy More Freedom

Vacations. You’ll have vacations ensured by legal system of Ukraine. Long-term employment with 28 working-days paid vacation and other social benefits.
Flexible hours. Flexible schedule with 12pm-5pm core hours

Need more reasons to like Letzgro?

Agile Appraisal
Get feedback about your work and career planning every two months.

No shitty projects
Honestly, we work with world class next big things in web, mobile and wearables.

Crystal Clear
All your requests are handled quickly and without hassle, while promoting your leadership qualities.

Please Keep in Mind Our Peculiarities

We provide English lessons and actively speak English. Please be prepared for it 😉

Facing Clients
Unlike anywhere else, you are actively facing client. You act as their consultant first, developer after.

Global Ambition
You should want to be the best in the world in whatever you do to be part of us, seriously!
For Seasoned Specialists
We will offer you work on challenging projects, where you can put all your acquired experience to good use, with attractive compensation package.
For Young Specialists
We are attentive to people with open mind, willing to learn, develop and devote themselves to the biggest challenges. Our corporate principles, such as weekly personnel evaluation, monthly seminars and mentorship, will make your years at Letzgro the most interesting, intensive and fruitful.

Leisure time