Letzgro – innovative offshore development

With offshore development teams in Ukraine and success stories from San Francisco to Sydney Letzgro is your ideal partner for technical outsourcing, including innovative projects

Letzgro is your ideal offshore development partner for web and mobile development, video streaming solutions and machine learning.

Right from its foundation in 2012, Letzgro was designed to service clients in English speaking parts of the world. Corporate culture, level of English language proficiency, and processes were implemented to comply with requirements that Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and most innovative technological startups have.

We are careful to intellectual property, with contracts governed under US law. And due to our Delaware based headquarters and small office in California, billing and communication is smooth and seamless.

Our expertise spans multiple platforms, technologies, devices and design approaches – we tackle work of different complexity with a soft spot for large and challenging projects. At the same time we also don’t shy away from endeavours that require a more creative and personal approach. We value our customers and their opinion, while also providing careful and supporting feedback to maximize the value of the services that we provide.