User Experience

User experience design is the process of projecting or improving the software so that users’ goals for the software can be achieved with less costs or barriers, and with higher satisfaction.

Initial UX Definition
We will gather for sessions to identify your users portraits, identify their goals and how you deliver the desired value with the shortest path for a user.
Improving the User Experience
Have you got the existing software which requires modernization? We will help set up the desired final state of the product, and will prepare the plan to get there from the existing state.
Setting User-Centred Approach
As your product is improving, growing or shrinking, and market environment is constantly changing, the UX design can’t be a one time thing. Even more, it is not enough to have the UX sessions regularly. User centred approach has to become part of the process in your product management. We can help you set up the corporate policies, cultures and activities to make your software user-friendly.

Why UX with Letzgro

User Experience Design by Letzgro is guarantee of your project success.

Engage all of your stakeholders with tangible visual representation of the project!

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