When we decided to be best in specific areas,
we decided to be best in yiiframework.

Yii Framework Team, Ready for Next Challenge


What’s Yii?

A high-performance and feature-rich PHP framework for developing Web 2.0 applications.

Why we dig Yii

In short, we really like its speed. It performs really well, beating most leading PHP frameworks in Requests processed per Second. The use of the APC extension allows outsourcing Yii developers to outperform the competition to an even larger extent.Our praise is not won by speed alone, we are also making full use of its feature package, which along with its speed renders it a great asset to increase efficiency in providing our lean Yii development services. Custom Yii framework development works great for mobile application server side. It is easy to tune it to communicate with your mobile applications, respond with pre-cached results as well as datasets from the database. Our best Yii developers use it on our mobile projects not only because its speed, security, feature richness, and superb engineering, but also because it’s intuitive and fun to code in.

Yii framework for Mobile Applications development

PHP Yii framework suits well as a server side for mobile applications.
It is easy to tune it to communicate with your mobile applications, respond with pre-cached results as well as dataset from the database. We use it at our mobile projects to achieve good result every time.


Enjoying our approach?

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Our Day-to-Day Collaboration Together

Our clients have got feeling like we are in the next room – any time they ping us over skype or email, we respond.

Your project manager at Letzgro Yii development company prepares the feature map document with priorities, budget and time line recommendations.Tactical and operational (re)planning then happens weekly so that everyone knows the priorities, his scope of work and dependencies.

It is easy. We use project management software (Atlassian JIRA is our corporate choice). Here is the sample view of work progress as Yii programmers.

Your personal project manager is going to send you a weekly report highlighting statistics useful for both quantitative analysis and having understanding of current situation, issues, blockers, successes and failures (Sometimes issues appear, but our approach is to be transparent about them, identify them as early as possible and fix them).
Besides management generated report, you may enjoy your access to JIRA which gives you a lot of opportunities for tracking the project.

We invoice every two weeks.
We propose various payment methods at your convenience.
You are looking for best quality and time to market! – and we will share our experience and help you avoid pitfalls – get our expert opinion now!

How our clients benefit from Yii for website development

Being extremely well-optimized towards performance Yii PHP framework development is a perfect choice for any sized project. However, our Yii experts at Letzgro like it for its sophisticated build. We like to have control over the configuration to conform to enterprise development guidelines. It comes with packaged tools to help test and debug our clients’ applications. As Yii experts, we enjoy delivering complex high-speed applications and we’re sure you’ll like being on the receiving end.
A modular system with models-view-controller split and a good ecosystem of tools like validators, forms and widgets make it very flexible and allows our Yii framework developers to rapidly ship amazing products. And that’s something that fits everybody’s interests – a faster time-to-market.

How we work?

1. Open

  • We act as a team extension and loyal supporters of your business.
  • You can expect openness and willingness to communicate from absolutely everybody on the team.
  • Your main point of contact will be the Team Lead or the Project Manager.

2. Agile

  • As per the SCRUM methodology you will get demos, retrospectives, sprint planning poker – the full package!
  • You can participate and be involved in any part of the lean development process and meeting if you so desire.

3. Flexible

  • You will get an independent and self-reliablе team of Yii framework developers with support from top management and highly qualified advisors if the need arises.
  • This team can be changed in size to best reflect the resources required.

In-touch whenever you need us. A dedicated Project Manager will be ready to assist you with all your requirements in Lean Yii development services.