Approach to Code Review

Why Code Review



Quality is the key concept for Letzgro developing any kind of application.

One of the ways to improve the quality of final software is code review, also known as code inspection. It means that the code written by one developer should be reviewed and checked for mistakes by the other, and then commented, discussed and fixed if necessary. Code review assumes a human checking the code, thus it helps to avoid errors caused by human nature, which can not be provided by automated testing.


Benefits of code review


This kind of quality assurance brings new advantages and coding improvement. Using code review teams to come up with a single style of code writing, the degree of collective code ownership increases, human review also allows to exclude probable “stupid” errors, code duplications etc. Code review also implies experience and knowledge sharing, fast integration of new developers to the project and rapid skill gaining.



How we use code review at Letzgro

100% of code is reviewed during the process of software development at Letzgro.HOW WE USE CODE REVIEW AT Letzgro

Basicly we use browser-based GUI tools for code review, which are provided by VCS services (GitHub, BitBucket and others). On each project or in every team there is a person responsible for code review, whether it’s the team leader of the project or even a person from another team, code is being checked by developers to the main repository only after it has been reviewed by his peer.